La Dolce Vita

Jesenia. 22. College Senior for the millionth time in a row.

Nudes Ask away :)

Freaking @DjPaulyD is here! Like wtf…who knew this and didn’t tell me?! @pretty_pinupgirl 😱😍🎀🎧🎢

Freaking Pauly D is here!!!! Who would have known?!!! @pretty_pinupgirl @paulyD

If you knew this was in Netflix and didn’t tell me, I’m not sorry to say that I will be terminating our friendship. Xena was my favorite show until I was like 8 or 9… 😍 #NotGoingToSleepTonight

Check out my new phone case! She’s over the top and ridiculous like her momma. 😻 I wish I could get this camera to capture how it sparkles ! ✨ Dont mind my nails, I’ll be working on those tonight. #FixItJesus 😩 πŸ’…

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